As you may have guessed from the name, Number One is the first ever fully hand built JR.
After many years of repairing a variety of electric and acoustic guitars, and being part of the process of assembling many unique and traditional electric guitars, the need to create and fully understand all the factors involved in the crafting of a quality instrument became too great to ignore.
The decision on what to build first was for me not a hard one to reach. After many years of playing all sorts of guitars, I was always drawn back to the look and sound of  a vintage Gibson Les Paul. The idea was if we can replicate the look, sound and feel of one of the best in the business, it’s got to be a good place to start from. From there, many, many hours were spent researching the ins and outs of what made this 'freebird' really sing.
The  privilege of having access to many Les Pauls of various vintages and models to measure, play and hear, helped far beyond what any blueprint or book could (it’s pretty hard to describe how a great neck feels!). A good nine months after its inception, and many nights of pondering the next steps, the JR number one burst into life with a scream and a growl.

It was around 9pm on a September Sunday evening with my old pal a Marshall 50watt combo (who had been warming up in the workshop for the last two hours), that the JR Les Paul did its best to disturb the peace by barking out its first growling E major chord at horrendous volume into the night air.

The creation of this tone heavyweight was complete and successful much to my joy and somewhat relief. It rocked! I was thrilled, the only question was what to build next. ....