JR Guitars and Jane Gray are proud to present to you the very playable Jane Gray Art Guitar.
In 2007 we approached Jane, a well respected Hawkes Bay artist with the idea of painting one of our handcrafted JR Wave guitars, as you can see the results were stunning, this instrument is as at home in a gallery as it is on stage.

This guitar is about as one of a kind as you can get. It is Hand Built from scratch, offering the player a myriad of sounds. The Jane Gray Art Wave utilises top quality components and woods, with the addition of being a beautifully vibrant piece of artwork by a renowned artist.

About Jane Gray...

Jane has been painting professionally since 1989. She has had sell out exhibitions in New Zealand and the UK. Her paintings have featured regularly in print with both National and International magazines showing her works, as well as running articles on Jane in her studio.  2006 Featured in 'NZ's Favourite Artists' by Denis Robinson.

She finds living in Hawkes Bay ideal for her subject matter and the quality of light and life there is reflected in the vibrancy of her work.

It is usually on a large scale using linear fluency and broadly applied colour - exuberatiing is the major key followed by a minor introspective note - veiled layers describing mood and atmosphere.

She considers herself a real NZ painter even though she has frequent trips abroad these don't affect the style she has made her own.

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The Art Guitar is currently available to be viewed at:

Wine Country Gallery

4 Treachers Lane, Havelock North

Hawkes Bay

New Zealand

Phone 0064 6 8779947

Mobile +64 021 245 8500

Email: art@winecountrygallery.com