JR Guitars offers a wide range of repair services for acoustic and electric guitars, basses and mandolins.

Set-ups : A good set-up is important whether you are a beginner or a pro, and 99% of guitars off the shelf can benefit from a good set-up.  Think of it like a general service and tune up for your car. A well set-up instrument will play better, sound better and stay in tune longer.

A set-up involves:

- Cleaning and oiling of the fretboard

- Tensioning and lubing tuners

- Cleaning body and neck

- Cleaning and checking of any electrical components

- Adjusting neck

- Restringing

- Setting action height

- Light fretwork

- Fine tuning nut and saddle heights

- Setting of tremolo if applicable

- Setting intonation


Repair work : We can fix or replace just about anything you can break or wear out on a guitar.

- Broken necks and bodies

- Splits and cracks

- Collapsing tops and bodies

- Faulty electrics

- Refrets and fret leveling

- Missing inlays

- Fitting acoustic pickups and preamps

- Refinishing

- Restorations

- Custom wiring

- Nut and saddle replacement

and more!….........

We are open to any ideas you may have for customizing, restoring or upgrading your instrument. Give us a call or come in for a chat.