JR Guitars is proud to introduce to you the 'Wave'.........  A new SOUND, a new SHAPE, a new STYLE.
The Wave guitar began as a sketch in a notebook a few years back and after a few hundred sketches and design modifications later has evolved into the handcrafted instrument you see before you. The idea behind the wave was not to reinvent the wheel, but to blend the best of a few classic wheels, and add a touch of the latest high performance mag wheel for good measure.
The Wave’s one-piece mahogany body shape, as you may have guessed by the name, is inspired by the flowing curves and peaks of the ocean.  However, this was secondary to the essential elements of playing ease, neck access and guitar balance (the Wave hangs perfectly on a strap and balances on one knee in playing position without wanting to slide off in either direction!).
We wanted to achieve the solid feel and sustain of a classic Les Paul with the chime and clarity of a good Strat.  The neck access to the upper frets of these classics has always felt a little awkward to get around, so a different approach to the neck joint was inevitable.  Still wanting the long neck tenon style of a 50’s Les Paul for best sustain, teamed up with the easy upper fretboard access idea led to the design of the angled set neck joint (not totally original in concept but definitely an improvement).

The standard pickup configuration for the Wave was designed to provide the player with a broad range of sounds from Strat to Les Paul and beyond.  The pickups have been carefully selected to give a wide range of sounds without having big drops or jumps in output volume levels.

Neck pickup: Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy single coil

Middle pickup: Rio Grande Jazzbar P-90

Bridge Pickup: Gibson style mini humbucker

The USA made CRL five-way lever Switch control gives you the standard options of a five-way selector (ala Stratocaster)…

Position 1: Neck Only

Position 2: Neck and Middle

Position 3: Middle only

Position 4: Middle and Bridge

Position 5: Bridge

To broaden the pickup options, two push-pull pots have been used on the two tone control knobs.

One push-pull pot switches the bridge pickup on constantly. The other links the neck and middle pickups in series giving these additional sound options …

- Neck and Middle in series (powerful humbucker sound)

- Neck, Middle and Bridge (Neck and Middle in series)

- Neck, Middle and Bridge (Neck and Middle in parallel)

- Middle and Bridge with tone cap (gives more mid “quack”)

- Neck and Bridge


We went with the classic US made Bigsby B-5 for the tailpiece / tremolo for its great looks, stability and its reasonable resilience to lowering the pitch of other strings when you bend another.

A Nickel ABR-1 style bridge is used for its accuracy, vintage appeal and ease of adjustment.

Tuning keys are Kluson metal button 3 a sides.


With 10 pickup combinations and master volume, master tone and bridge tone controls the Wave has an arsenal of useable tones to choose from.  Think playing with a great strat sound like SRV or Jimi Hendrix then flicking a switch to jump to a big warm Clapton Cream tone, then onto a bit of crunchy Zeppelin or the Who!

Ultimately, whoever or whatever you want to sound like is up to you.  The Wave just gives you more avenues to explore on the road to getting YOUR sound.

Because our instruments are handcrafted by one pair of hands throughout the build process (not spat out by computer run routers twelve at a time like many of the other high priced competitors), the Wave is available in a number of pickup, timber and finish options, and can be custom made to your requirements.

Call or E-mail if you wish to find out about what models are currently available or having a JR Wave custom built for YOU.